Getting Your Blender Clean

With all the exciting treats you can make with today’s blenders, there are going to be times when cleaning it will be more of a challenge. The first and most important tip on cleaning your blender is to do immediately after use. This may go without saying but many people will let the blender jar sit around allowing the contents to harden inside.

Cleaning up your blender isn’t hard if you do it correctly. If your model has removable blades it is even easier. The most difficult things to clean up are thick sticky material like peanut butter, bread or dough that you have blended. Sticky fruit juices if not cleaned properly will eventually gum up the blades making them less effective over time.

blender cleaningIf your blender has permanently installed blades or the jar is fairly narrow getting inside even with a brush can be tricky. Try filling the jar about 1/3 to ½ full of warm water and add a little detergent.  Then run your blender at a slow to medium speed for about 30 seconds. Then remove the jar and rinse thoroughly. This should loosen and remove all the stuck on material and you’re ready for your next project.

If the blender has removable blades it may be easier to clean but you can use the same technique if you find that easier to do. You may find it just as easy to remove the blades and clean with a brush or sponge. But don’t forget to clean the blades separately if you take them out.

Here is one word of caution. Some of you may be tempted to just put the jar in the dishwasher. Be very careful. Make sure it is dishwasher safe. Some blender jars are and some are not. Check the manufacturer’s instructions before you put it in the dishwasher. If the jar is glass and the blades are removable it may well be dishwasher safe. But some blenders have the jar made out of a plastic material which may not be safe for the harsh dishwasher environment.

alternative blender cleaning methodIf your blender is dishwasher safe it’s recommended to remove the blades if possible. Put them in separately. Do not put the rubber seal that that goes around the base of the jar in the dishwasher. Wash this by hand so it will last longer. If it eventually does start to deteriorate, replacements can be purchased from the manufacturer.

Follow these simple steps and your blender will always be clean and in top condition. Taking care of it properly will help insure that it will give you years of maintenance free service and loads of creating all those special treats.

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